Our approach

Our goals

We personally care about the fate of the people in Nepal. It is our aim to promote social, ecological and economic development by working together at eye-level. Supported by your donations, we want to achieve a noticeable improvement in the living conditions for the people in the mountainous regions of Nepal by implementing projects in various areas together with our local partners.

Our values

Equality, both between genders and ethnic groups and between us and the people of Nepal, is central for us.

Working on an equal footing means that we respect the culture and lifestyle of the people in Nepal and stand for mutual learning. It also implies, of course, that we do not tell people what they “need” and impose our understanding of “development” on them. It is important to us to identify where support is needed and how it can be provided most effectively in dialogue with those involved on the ground.  In this manner, we ensure that we only support projects that really address the needs of the people. Involving the people on the ground in the project work also helps us to have a long-term, sustainable impact

We also know what we do not want, and this includes not repeating mistakes or making “development aid” in the traditional sense that has proven to be ineffective or even harmful.

How we work

We are an independent organisation, but we are fortunate to have access to a network of experienced partners with whom we work together closely. The “parent organisation” Ökohimal Austria has been active in the Himalayan region since 1992 and can look back on a multitude of successfully implemented projects. In Nepal we work together with Ecohimal Nepal. We particularly appreciate the tireless commitment of those responsible at Ecohimal Nepal and their many years of experience in project implementation, especially in areas that are difficult to access. As we have been working with the NGO since 2015, a very trusting relationship has grown over the years. The connection was originally established during an internship in which Clemens worked in several projects of Ecohimal.

We work transparently, do not use a single Euro for administration and thus enable your donation to have the greatest possible effect on the people it was meant for.